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Treatment For. . .

  • Slide-Leg numbness or tingling

    Leg numbness or tingling

  • Slide-Sciatica


  • Slide-Hip, Knee, and Ankle Pain

    Hip, Knee, and

    Ankle Pain

  • Slide-Low Back Pain

    Low Back Pain

  • Slides-Back Pain

    Back Pain

  • Slide-Slipped Discs

    Slipped Discs

  • Slide-Disk Bulges

    Disc Bulges

  • Disc Herniation

    Disc Herniation

  • Slides-Disc Degeneration

    Disc Degeneration

  • Slide-Arm and Hand numbness or tingling

    Arm and Hand numbness

    or tingling

  • Slide-Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist pain

    Shoulder, Elbow,

    and Wrist Pain

  • Slide-Neckpain

    Neck Pain

  • Slide-TMJ

    TMJ Pain

  • Slide-Headaches


Bend Chiropractor Dr. JeffreyAt Westside Chiropractic clinic in Bend and Sisters your results are what matters. Chiropractic care has evolved. Gone are the days when Chiropractors simply “cracked” your back and sent you on your way sometimes feeling worse than you did when you arrived. Today’s Chiropractor is better equipped than ever to diagnose and treat the cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

Why Choose Westside Chiropractic Clinc?

  • Individual appointments with no waiting
  • 30 minute office visits
  • Home care programs that teach you how to help yourself heal
  • Low force Activator Methods Chiropractic care
  • Spinal Decompression therapy
  • Low Level Laser therapy



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Bend chiropractor using SpineMed Table


SpineMed Spinal Decompression Therapy


Address the cause of chronic neck and low-back pain. Significantly reduce pain from disc degeneration, disc hernation and facet problems with this clinically proven 100% natural process. No harmful and addictive drugs, no injections that give temporary relief, no surgery and no temporary fix, and your chiropractor is always there. SpineMED spinal decompression is cutting edge technology to help you avoid surgery and improve function.





Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique

Westside Chiropractic Clinic uses Activator MethodsNo Bending, Cracking or Twisting of the Spine

Discover the Activator Advantage! Activator Methods chiropractic treatment is a low-force technique used by a skilled chiropractor involving highly specific instrument adjustments. Activator Methods was founded in 1967 and is statistically the most widely used instrument based Chiropractic technique. Activator doctors spend years earning their Proficiency Rating with Advanced Proficiency being the highest level requiring a minimum of three years study. Activator Methods requires chiropractor attendance at yearly seminars to maintain Proficiency Rating.



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